Code of Ethics

At Dogs and Us Connect we take our obligations very seriously and strive to deliver to the highest standards.

  1. We will professionally and respectfully promote and encourage responsible dog ownership in the best interest of the dog, the owner and the public.

  2. We will deliver a safe, fair, honest, responsible and reliable service at all times.

  3. We will only deliver kind, ethical and dedicated support to our clients.

  4. We will observe and promote a force and fear free philosophy with dog training.

  5. We will never use or promote punishment and negative reinforcement as a method for training dogs.

  6. We will work with a professional supportive community and receive ongoing coaching and training to ensure continued development.

  7. We will comply with the terms and condition set out by the company.

  8. We will set fair pricing and give ample notice, as per our terms and conditions, should these prices change.

  9. We will, to the best of our ability and excluding outside or uncontrollable influences, execute all services within the agreed timescale.

  10. We will continue our own professional development.

  11. We will only ever work within our own professional limits and will refer clients to external suitable specialists where required.

  12. We will keep records of services provided, as legally required, and document all transactions and communications between our clients and the business for the welfare and protection of both parties.

  13. We will handle all complaints promptly, fairly, in a logical manner and within a reasonable timeframe.  A copy of our Complaints Procedure is available upon request.

  14. We will notify all clients if and when the terms and conditions and/or code of practice are amended/updated.

  15. We will keep all data strictly confidential and ensure GDPR requirements are fully met in accordance with the ICO, which can be viewed at the ICO website Our Privacy Policy is available at Privacy Policy – Dogs and Us Connect.

  16. We will show due diligence to protect our customers and our company in any way appropriate.

  17. We will manage the business entirely within the English law.