Have I done it all by the ‘rule book’?

The simple answer is NO!

I get countless comments about how happy Tyler is, his good behaviour and the difference in him since I adopted him. Proud mummy moments every time.

Life doesn’t run by a list of rules and I can guarantee none of my dogs have come with a book of instructions or will they have googled what rules they should be following.

The primary rules I follow with my dogs are that everything must be fear free and force free. I will never scold or reprimand a dog or induce fear. We try to make all training a game and have fun during normal daily life.

Standard dog training will play a part, but when it doesn’t work, sometimes the rules need to be bent.

Do I get judged? Yes, mostly good, but some are not so good.

Do I care? No, people are welcome to their own opinions, but my dog’s welfare is my priority.

As long as my dogs are happy and healthy and their needs are met I will do whatever produces beneficial results.

This has always worked for me and whenever I am met with a challenge or obstacle it is simply a case of trial and error until we reach a solution, but always by enjoying ourselves.

I have always developed the most amazing bonds with my dogs and we work as a team, supporting each other through whatever comes our way.

Different dogs can have different personalities, ways of learning and boundaries, so by moulding our methods to suit the dog, success is much more achievable. Funnily enough, exactly the same goes for people.