Is Coaching the same as Counselling?

This is question I get repeatedly asked and the answer is, in one word, no.

Coaching is not the same as counselling. Please do not confuse the two, I provide coaching and not counselling.

Coaching helps and supports you in identifying, setting, working towards and ultimately achieving your goals in life. A Coach will help you to come up with suitable plans for getting through obstacles and reach the end goal.

The role of a Coach is to concentrate on the present and moving forward, making positive progress in order to achieve a better wellbeing. A Coach will never give you the answers or tell you what to do, but will encourage the answers from you and help you to establish the best path to follow.

Counselling helps you recognise and solve your problems. A Counsellor will look at your past and your present. They will give advice, make suggestions and tell you what to do and how to deal with issues affecting you.

Counselling endeavours to pursue the fundamental dynamics of individuals. Counsellors and Coaches both ask questions, however, Counsellors generally steer clear of tackling tasks and performance that a Coach will deal with. The goal for Counselling is to promote self-understanding and self-acceptance. The goal of a Coach is to help people break negative habits and beliefs, learn to behave more positively, and work towards achieving a happy and fulfilled existence.

The Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can be adapted to different scenarios with the use of flexible strategies and focuses on the steps used for setting, planning and achieving positive results.

The coaching process can be applied to a vast number of different areas in life and the results can provide lasting improvements for you both mentally and physically. 

Coaching can benefit you in a number of ways and teach you how to…

– Clarify positive and negative areas of life, strengths and weaknesses, what you do and don’t like
– Create a balanced life
– Build confidence
– Find a purpose
– Reduce anxiety and stress
– Implement change
– Identify options available
– See a different perspective
– Create plans to follow
– Follow dreams and achieve goals
– Manage fear and insecurities
– Overcome and manage obstacles
– Understand and get through bereavement
– Master ways of coping and dealing with problems effectively
– Develop better relationships
– Learn new things about yourself
– Improve skills
– Increase motivation
– Improve physical and mental health
– Find additional help
– Help you to think ‘outside the box’
– Build inner strength
– Find happiness and become your best self

What do I do as a Coach?

I will help you to set your goals, work through problems and overcome obstacles that arise and make a realistic step by step action plan. Together we will identify the best way for you to move forwards.

By providing encouragement, supportive tips and helpful strategies I will provide support as you progress.

I will not judge or patronise, I will not lecture or pressure, but be there when you need me to point you in the right direction. I will use my skills and own experiences to help you find your way.

Personally, I believe that at some point in life everyone can benefit from Coaching support. It really helps to get things in perspective and aid self-help. So, if I can help you please check out my services and get in touch… Contact – Dogs and Us Connect